You Tube Killer arriving

News Corp’s Fox , Viacom , CBS corp and NBC universal are in talks of creating a jointly a video site that will give competition to YouTube . Though a deal is still far off , the companies plan to cash in the Web Video advertising market which has become quite popular as can be seen from the evident success of You Tube .

The strong point that could come in favour of this new venture is that the new site will contain video from there television network .Mostly Videos on You Tube are pirated videos of movies , TV shows etc which are uploaded by the users and many media compaines are planning to sue Google over copyright infringement . …Evidently what ever happens i still dont feel that it can do enough to kill you tube .


  1. Ashish Mohta says:

    Yahoo’s YouWitness is already going to give a tough competition to You tube and now this.Its going to be fun.i have one post on Yahoo witness
    .Read when u get time

  2. Angad says:

    Yeah I read about these so called ‘youtube killers’ but I doubt they’ll be of any good, because youtube has the advantage of the early start and have a large customer base already. Still lets keep our fingers crossed, all this competition is good for us customers 🙂

  3. carol says:

    I don’t think any other web site will kill YouTube.
    The only things that can kill it are the court trials.

  4. Ashish Mohta says:

    @Carol,@Angad I can agree on those points.I guess it might cut off a little traffic on youtube but killing a already existing state is little diffcult.

  5. Ashok says:

    Youtube has become too popular, i agree with Ashish it will not be possible to challenge it easily.

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