Flickr increases upload Limits

Good news for all the people who use flickr . Flickr has given all its users an incresed upload limits .

For basic users the limit has been extended to 100 MB from 20 MB and for Pro users they have made the upload limit unlimited from 2 GB

I always thought that 20 MB was less for a month but now since they are giving 100 MB people will make better use of it .


  1. Spaminator says:

    mere to 3 MB bh nahi use hote the :mrgreen:

  2. Ashok says:

    100MB is good amount, I have lot of pictures to upload.

  3. dEEPAK says:

    hey.. thnx 4 visiting my blog..
    added ur link to my blog 🙂

  4. @ Deepak
    Done the same for you man …