WordPress Tiger Administration

The best thing about WordPress is that it offers a huge list of extensible plugins for customization .

Now i have always found the Admin Interface of WordPress to be quite dull and boring but there are lot of plugins available to fix that also . One plugin which i have started using is that WP Tiger Administration plugin from Steve Smith . Though there were a lot of issues in the older versions of the plugin but they are all fixed now in the new V3 .

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Just check out these cool screenshots .


The plugin is compatible with Safari and Firefox and not with IE as it does not comply with CSS2 specification .



  1. Angad says:

    Ooh, this new style for the admin interface looks awesome!
    Have you tried Symphony? I love it’s admin interface too.

  2. Thanks for informing Angad ..i will give it a try..

  3. Tina says:

    It looks niiice! I’d use it if wordpress.com allowed skins for the admin pages.

  4. DJ says:


    Thanks man. Just deploy this at my blog and now I like the WordPress Admin area better.