What blogging has taught me

Its been nearly a year since i started blogging and in this post i will try to recapture some things which i have learned through this amazing experiance .

  1. One thing which i have known through blogging is the power of words and speech .
  2. I started blogging so that i can express myself to others but it really gives a lot of satisfaction when people read what you have written and appreciate it . It really puts a smile in your face .
  3. It is a great way to learn and teach new things .My outlook on technolgy has definately changed from last year and my knowledge has increased temendously.
  4. Blogging is not an easy job as i had expected when i started blogging . You need to put in hard work .
  5. Blogging provides with lots of business oppurtunities.
  6. Blogging helps in social networking through which you get to meet a lot of interesting and passionate people around the world .
  7. You can make a living from blogging .
  8. Blogging is all about interacting with your readers.
  9. There is a lot of money in blogging . Depends on how well you can earn.
  10. Blogging is all about being patient.

These are just my opinions , you guys may have your own views . I would lbe happy if you can share it here with me .  This post is also a part of Problogger’s Group Writing Project .


  1. Rishikesh says:

    A good post for people who are interested in blogging.