5 Movies to watch during Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and there is no better way to spend the holidays than watching movies at home with your family , friends or GirlFriend ..

Here i am mentioning 5 movies which are worth watching during Xmas time .. everyone might have there own fav but this one is my recommendations ..

1) It’s a wonderful life

One of my all time favourite movies , it is a great movie to watch with your family , highlights the true spirit of Xmas … The movie shows the events in the life of a man who is frustated with life and how an angel helps him in overcoming that frustation by showing him events which would have taken place had he never existed . A wonderful movie to watch with your family ..

2)Home Alone

I saw this movie as a kid and i would love to see it again and again . There are sequels to this movie and you might consider watching Home Alone 2 also but i didnt like 3 & 4th that much . The movie shows a kid who gets left behind at home while his family leave for vacation , and how he protects the house from two thieves  in there absence . A fun movie to watch with your family and kids .

3) Jingle all the way

A good comedy and funny movie feat Arnold Scwarzenegger to watch with your kids. The movie is about two father’s fighting it out for a toy which they want to give to there son as a Xmas present . The movie is filled with funny moments ..

4) Love Actually

One of the best romantic comedy movie i have seen . The movie is based on the life of 8 couples 4-5 weeks before Christmas and how there life unfolds leading upto Christmas . The cast of the movie is also amazing featuring Keira Knightley , Emma Thompson , Rowan Atkinson , Hugh Grant etc .. A great movie to watch with your family or Girl Friend

5) Die Hard

For all the action lovers …this is a must watch movie . The movie is about a cop who saves the people from terrorist in a 40 storey office building on Christmas Eve .This is a fast paced movie and the action lovers will just love it ..

I will definately be watching Love Actually and its a wonderful life this Christmas . What movies are you planning to watch this Xmas ? If you got any movies to suggest ..do mention them on Comment. Till then Merry Xmas


  1. Rahul says:

    Nice list. I am still to catch with “It’s a wonderful life outta all of these. Though the best movie of the lot has to be Die Hard…

  2. Abhinav says:

    Hey Madhur,
    Submit this story to digg.com…

    will be a hit topic..

  3. @Rahul
    I would definately recommend to you “its a wonderful life” …must watch …and yeah Die Hard is also excellent


    Thanks Abhinav …will definately submit it right now ..

  4. parul says:

    Nice blog man!!
    keep it up!!!
    n thnx for suggesting gud movies…

  5. carol says:

    Nice choice, Madhur.
    I haven’t made a movie list for my Christmas but now i have something to do.

  6. jhay says:

    I like home alone 2 the most. Tim Curry was in it and they were just brilliant!

    Love Actually is just sweet, too bad not many of folks over here in Asia didn’t appreciate it that much.

  7. Spaminator says:

    home alone saari dekh li, die hard teenon hain, jiti baar bhi dikha lo, dekh loonga… love actually bhi dekh li… baaki ki dono download karta hun :mrgreen:

    oye kisiko lagta hai ki salaam-e-ishq bhi love actually ki tarah hogi??

  8. listikal says:

    C’mon now….where is “The Christmas Story?”

  9. @Spaminator
    Ho sakta hai ..itne saare actors jo hain usme

    Its a good movie but i am yet to watch it …downloading it right now …thanks for telling …

  10. Mr.Cool says:

    Hey, you missed out Bad Santa ! The movie is kind of weird, yet can be likable for a few. Not for watching with the family though. 😉