5 things about Madhur

The Blog Tagging is gaining quite a popularity among bloggers these days as can be seen from most of the sites . I was recently tagged by sourcer to tell 5 things about me and so here i go

  1. I am a hardcore gamer – I am a huge computer games buff , whether action , strategy , RPG , Sports , simulation , racing I play them all .My fav games include DOOM , UT , PES , QUAKE , FEAR , NFS ,AOE , MAX PAYNE , SYBERIA ,FOOTBALL MANAGER ,CS and lots more
  2. I love soccer – Apart from blogging , gaming i also like to watch EPL , La Liga and i am a die hard fan of Manchester United Football Club . My dream is to visit Old Trafford stadium every saturday and watch them play along with the fans .
  3. I like programming – I have been programming since the last 3 years in c and c++ . I also like learning new languages and am currently busy with Java and Visual Basic , php . One day i plan to start a programming blog also .
  4. I Love movies – I also like watching movies during my free time especially romatic movies and larger than life movies like Godfather , Shawshank Redemption etc . If you guys want ..i might also start posting some movie reviews.
  5. I want to be a Game Programmer – My one dream in life is to become a good software developer and program a good game . My idol is John Carmack . 

I am tagging Carol , Shiva , Shwetz , Rohit , Ashish


  1. Thilak says:

    I’m quite addicted to blog tagging game. Its fun to know more about all the bloggers flocking around. I think, we all love soccer and movies do we ?

  2. These games are a lot of fun to play and quite addictive as well .

  3. carol says:

    I love Syberia game. I used to watch my bf playing it.
    You should try Call of Chtuluh and Deadly Shadows- Thief (original xbox).

  4. Yeah Syberia is a wonderful game and its second part also … I have heard of the 2 games you mentioned …will give them a try sooner …

  5. carol says:

    Deadly Shadows is one of the most beautiful games out there.

    Anyway, i saw you tagged me with this game and don’t think that i won’t be playing it. I just need to think about 5 things about me.

    When is done, i will let you know.

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  7. fuad says:

    any plan to held lan party among bloggers? that should be fun..

  8. @fuad

    The idea looks nice …what do you have in mind …