BBC to offer programs on the Internet

BBC has announced the hundereds of its TV programmes will be made available in the file sharing network . The move is part of deal between BBC worldwide and Azureus  , a bit torrent technological firm . Recently Azureus launched a video uploading site similar to you tube called Zudeo . The site offers users to upload and view other’s video content . The main advantage of Zudeo is that it offers High resolution videos as compared to other video sharing site which offers low quality videos . To download contents from Zudeo , one must install a program .

So most of the BBC TV episodes will be available on Zudeo in high quality format for the users to download . Currently most of the BBC episodes are avalaible in the p2p network illegally . To prevent illegal trading over the network the titles will be protected by Digital Rights Management Software .  Users will also be able to link to that program from blogs , social networking sites etc . BBC aims to reach the largest possible audience through this deal . But the pricing of the contents have not been revealed so far .


  1. rahul says:

    D …. D R M ,huh ,removing it make quality weak.
    there are HDTV within minutes after telecast .

  2. Caline says:

    Thank you for Zudeo… I have BBC, but, only for news…