5 ways to get Traffic to your blog

A very common question which everyone faces while starting a blog is “How will i get someone to read it ” ? . Well there can be a lot of answers to this question .  Here i will describe a few methods which i used when i started my blog . Initially i also used to get around 10 hits for my blog but now it is much better , so this article will basically help the newcomers out there

1)Submit you site to search engines

Submitting your sites to search engines like Google , Yahoo , MSN etc will feature your site in the search results . But remember , getting your site listed on top of search results is not an easy job , it requires some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization .

2)Content is the king

For blogs one thing i have come to know is that content is the king . If your content is good , people will revisit your site and will become regular readers . Always post content that is useful and unique , do not copy and paste , posting Tutorials and How To’s help a lot . The more unique the content , the more appealing it will be and dont forget to link to the original post if required.

3)Submitting your site to free directories

Submit your blog to directories like BlogTopSites , TopBlogSites , Blogarama etc . Though they might not bring a huge traffic to your site , it will make your blog more visible and easier to find .

There are a lot of traffic exchange sites like BlogMadBlogExplosion etc .All you have to do this is to sign up on the site , visit other members blogs and earn credits …the more blogs you view , the more credits you earn and the more credits you earn , the more traffic you get . But i dont recommend this thing . Basically people will visit your site for the sake of earning  credits and will stay there for 30 sec ..so dont expect much regular traffic . But still it might get your blog noticed .

4)Link Exchange

Back Links are key to getting traffic to your blog . If you write a good article , people will link to it from there blog and this will get you traffic and exposure .  One way is to link exchange with other bloggers . Place a link to there site on your blog and request them to do the same . This might also help you getting a good Google Pagerank (though i am not sure about it ) .

5)Comment on other blogs

Do Comment on other people blogs ..this will make them visit your blog to see who commented on there blog . And by comments i mean genuine comments which relate to the topic . Try to start up a conversation . This way you will also make a lot of friends .

There are a lot of other ways of getting traffic . I will write about them once i experiment with them and get the results . Do share yout tips with me by leaving comments .


  1. Ashish Mohta says:

    2 more things.

    Introductiont to readers and bloggers.

    God ideas

  2. Rohit says:

    8) No typos in comments! 😉

  3. Thilak says:

    9] Link, Link, Link = Trackbacks, Trackbacks, Trackback !

  4. amit says:

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  5. @Amit
    Thanks man ….I am adding you on blogroll .

  6. Brown Baron says:

    I like your list buddy. Most people would say that they already knew that but it is exactly for that reason that we should always remind ourselves because we often forget. Nice job.

  7. Thanks for appreciating man .

  8. kiran says:

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