Super Ronaldo


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 A mesmerizing performance from Ronaldo helped United to a 3-1 win over Reading today . Not only did he score 2 goals , he also set up the other for solskjaer. Now it is going be a perfect end to the year for me seeing Manchester United on top of the table and the icing on the cake will be the fact that they are 6 points ahead of Chelsea . One person responsible for this achievement is Cristiano Ronaldo  . Having scored 6 goals in the last 3 matches , i beleive that if he can continue this current form , then no one can stop Manchester United from winning the title .


  1. Rohit says:

    I know why SAF has not given a chance for Ronaldo to complete his hat trick! Ronaldo has already scored 12 goals this season and is only 3 goals shy of winning his bet with SAF!! On SAF has already talked about changing the rules of the bet 😛 … The good thing is that Ronaldo did’nt mind being subbed off before he could score a hat – trick, which is a good sign.

    In the second half, the movement and passing between Giggs, Rooney, Solskjaer & Ronaldo was breathtaking! And I really LOVED the first touch of Solskjaer for the second goal, it was vintage Ole! Just amazing to watch him play again for Man Utd and score goals!

    P.S Rooney is’nt firing on all cylinders yet, I wonder how awesome it will be to watch Rooney and Ronaldo both scoring goals for fun :P.

  2. @Rohit
    You are right man , the passing was superb and the pass from Rooney to Ole for second goal was amazing …. i think Ronaldo deserves to score so many goals …he has been quite unlucky in the past having hit the post on numerous occasions ..but he is finally getting his rewards … Anb if Rooney starts firing in goals , then no one can stop us from winning the competition .

  3. Tina says:

    Solskjaer is the best 😀 Can’t wait for him to really be on! (he’s Norwegian you know!)

  4. @Tina
    Solskjaer is a legend . …. and i feel he is regaining his best form ….

  5. Rahul says:

    I dont know for how long u’ve been watchin football but Ole Solskjaer was initially brought in as sub during the late 1990s & played second fiddle to the Sole Bros (yorke and Cole) and he amazingly scored 4 goals in 10 mins after comin on as sub in the 80th min against Nottingham Forrest in one match, givin him the nick “Super Sub”..He also scored the equalizer against Bayern Munich in 1999 CL final in the 88th min..Legendary Stuff…

  6. Pushkar says:

    hey dude! yeh right! Ronaldo is great. But hope you know that great players are those who perform evrywhere, and not only againts small teams. This has been a accepted fact that Man Utd cannot do anything without Ronaldo. Hes the playmaker. But where was he againts Milan?

  7. Dude , i agree with you that Ronaldo along with several other players couldnt perform but that doesnt mean he is not a good player . He has been consistent all through out the Premiership . If playing badly in one game makes him an avg player than think about the likes of Giggs , Henry etc .

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  9. kyriakos says:

    I agree with you that Ronaldo is a very talented football player. I like your blog very much, because I am a big fan of Man U. You should put something more about Mun U on your blog.