Which Celebrity looks like you ?

MyHeritage is a website which allows you to find which celebrity resembles you by using its advanced Face Recognition Technology .All you have to do is upload your photo , then using its Face Detection technology it will detect the faces in the photograph , then it will apply its Face Recognition technology on the face and will generate the matching result from its database . You will have to register first (which is free) before you can view the result . Here’s mine by the way


You can also make a collage of your photo along with the celebrity and can paste the generated code in your Blog. It also offers services like Genealogy which would be of Interest to some people . You can also create a Family Tree , or a site for your family and can play some celeb quiz for fun . Do try out the celeb thing with diffrent photos and see which result appears Often .

Via Ramanathan’s Blog


  1. Abhishek says:

    Some what like Priyanshu Sen.

  2. Jacklin says:

    I am late reading this post. But, I still found it interesting. Too bad I cannot see yours…

  3. Juliana says:

    What the hell is that?
    Its a shit!

  4. Ivan.. says:

    Do u think i look like david archuleta?

  5. Emma says:

    Apparently I look like Hayden Panettiere and Dakota Fanning..woah

  6. lauryn says:

    im gona go see if it works

  7. gabi says:

    who do i look like?