WordPress Plugin : Adhesive

When you visit many forums ,you will notice that some of the topics are “sticky” ,that means they are always displayed on top of other posts . All the items posted are displayed after the sticky posts . But in a blog the posts are displayed in reverse chronological order , i.e. the older posts are pushed down the order when new ones are added .”Sticky” posts are necessary in blogs when you wish to make some important announcement or post something which you want to be displayed for sometime .

WordPress gives you an option to edit the Timestamp for a post but that will not create a sticky post as they will not be displayed before that time . Luckily there is a plugin called Adhesive which lets us create Sticky posts . If you create more than one sticky post , the post with the Latest time will appear on top . The plugin can also create sticky posts by category so that they will be only be visible if the user is viewing that particular category .

The plugin is simple to use . Just upload the plugin the in the plugins directory and activate it . A new option called “sticky” will appear under the “Post Status” option which you must check to make the post sticky . Since the original site of the plugin appears to be down , i am giving you an alternate one .



  1. carol says:

    I have installed Adhesive a while back and the post that you make as stiky will always be the first post, so it’s very important that the Latest Entries to be on sight otherwise people will be a bit confused.

  2. @ Carol
    Yeah , you are right about the point ..

  3. eches says:

    Good finding..This is useful if you got something for your readers to be aware of. Alternatively you can also announcement plugin. It will appear at the top of the first post.

  4. @eches
    Thanks Eches , will try it out .

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