5 games to watch out for 2007

I am quite excited about this year in terms of gaming . This year we are going to get some big titles , bigger ideas and much more creative games . But we will definately need to spend some big bucks on hardware if we want to enjoy them . Last year mostly games that were released for the PC were basically expansions for the older versions ..so not much creativity last year ..my favourite game of the last year was “COMPANY OF HEROES” , an RTS game set in the WW2 era .If you are a strategy fan , i suggest you give it a try .Anyways coming back to the topic , here i am mentioning some of the games i am looking forward to playing next year .Since i have a PC only and no console , i am not mentioning console games here .

Assassins Creed

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This new game from Ubisoft is definately going to keep gamers hooked this year .It features some great AI  , a very diffrent gameplay and some great graphics . So watch out , the ASSASSIN is coming.

C&C 3 : Tiberium Wars

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The command and Conquer series is back with the latest installment of the sci fi strategy series .Every RTS fan would be waiting for it .


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You all must have played and enjoyed the Sims . Now Will Wright ,the creator of Sims  brings to us another great game with a very new concept of evolutuion . A masterpiece in making .


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You guys would have killed me if i wouldnt have mentioned this game . From the creators of highly successfull game “FarCry” , comes this Masterpiece . This will be one of the first games to utilize the power of DirectX 10 and will feature some cool new technology including day night changes . Do check out its videos .

Unreal Tournament 2007

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The successor to UT 2004 , it will feautre the brand new Unreal Engine with amazing graphics , playability and modifiability to take the challenge to a new level .

Well there are a lot of others worth waiting for but i have mentioned my top 5 list . SO which games are you looking forward to playing next year ? Do tell me about it ?


  1. Ashish Mohta says:

    Damn loved tha graphics? Any info where i can get them and how much it would cost me?

  2. Ashish Mohta says:

    Unreal tournament had been my all time fav after warcraft.But i dont play games 🙁 i dont have them.

  3. they will be releasing shortly (around April , May) and will cost around Rs 1299 for each game .

  4. cyber$|X says:

    Huhuh…cant wait to play C&C : Tiberium War and Unreal Tournament…
    I’ve watched the trailer at http://entertainment-resources.blogspot.com .
    look perfect…