Orkut to add new features

Recently while browsing through the help section on Orkut , i saw that they are conducting a poll on which new features to add on Orkut . Most of the features which i would love are listed there  . Some of them are

  • Set Scrapbook to local time zones . Now this is a feature which everyone will love .Currently  i get too much trouble deciphering at what time did my friend scrap me .
  • Allow posting more than 12 photos in an album
  • Restrict the copy and paste functions on photos
  • Allow me to change colors and layout of my profile .This is a feature which i think they should have incorporated long ago ..lets hope they do this now.
  • Add Blog features
  • Keep profile out of search results .Good for privacy purposes.

I am waiting to see when and what new features will be implemented in Orkut .Hope they do it soon . What features do you want to see in Orkut ?



  1. @Garry
    I have had a great experiance with orkut . I was able to find most of my school friends through it and we generally use it to keep in touch . Plus you can also meet people with common interests there as it has a communties section . So definately it is worth a try .

  2. Lost says:

    Orkut is finally changing, the color scheme kills me =(, also orkut does need to change a lot because there is too much spam and communities such as facebook with their high tech features and in my opinion are much better.


  3. Shayon says:

    Well…did like the latest look and didn’t like it too. Just wrote a comprehensive post highlighting all the new and wanted features on Orkut. You can check them out at http://my-labyrinth.blogspot.com/2007/08/good-ol-orkut-has-changed.html

    Do give it a visit and lemme know what you think.


  4. Shayon says:

    Hey, thanks for visiting, dude!

  5. Karina Menezes says:

    Oi,eu não sei quem é você.
    Nem muito menos falar inglês…
    Mas quero fazer novas amizades…me adiciona no msn

  6. This is a great information on Orkut.. If new features gets addedup in Orkut it would become even more user friendly.