ManHunt 2 promotion – highly innovative

Manhunt was one of the most violent games ever made . The object of the game was to kill people in diffrent type of ways using glass shard , Baseball Bat , guns ,plastic etc . Now the sequel is about to come out and Rockstar are using a new way to promote it .They are sending out letters to various websites and reviewers containing bloody medical bracelets and a letter that read :

Enclosed are Danny Lamb and Leo Kasper’s ID bracelets found discarded after last night’s incident. This is the only potentially damning evidence we have found so far. I trust every possible precaution will be taken to ensure that any records relating to these patients are destroyed.

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We are all too aware that both subjects pose a highly serious threat to society, let alone the very existence of “The Project.” Both patients suffer sever psychotic episodes characterized by intense paranoia, involuntary psychotic reactions, delusional hallucinations and acute schizophrenic disorders..
We HAVE to track them down.

– Dr. Whyte
Now thats innovative ….lets c how the game turns out to be .


  1. jhay says:

    Great innovation, I wonder though how conservatives would take the game?

    I’ve never played it before, and I’m not a conservative, but this is something I would now play.

  2. eches says:

    When I first read the title of this post, I thought you are talking about prison break –

  3. Ashish Mohta says:

    Lol when i saw the heading i was thinking why he wrote about a game that will make ppl more physcic buts its inventive…they will get to know how to catch them

  4. @eches
    you are right man , the title could have easily reminded anyone of Prison Break ..good to see you like it too ..

  5. gconn77 says:

    @ Eches,

    Me too man! That is funny as hell!