MSN Soapbox public beta out

Microsoft has now released the public beta of its video upload service called Soapbox which is seen as a rival to Google’s YouTube service Last year , the beta version of the product was introduced to the customers thorugh the invitation-only basis but now it is open to all.

Soapbox is a part of Windows Live service and allows its users to upload , share, discover there personal music videos with the other members of the soapbox community . The advantages of using the service are that it provides the user with single step uploading, background video processing , acceptance of all major video formats , RSS feed and you can also rate , comment on other videos if you are a member . It also allows a user to simaltaneously browse for videos while watching one in the same screen .

Personally i dont see it as a major rival to you-tube but with Microsoft offering a variety of diffrent services through windows live , who knows what might happen one day .


  1. Ashish Mohta says:

    It will take time.It looks like a very basic service right now.Moreover Yahoo ppl pay to the people too.being a killer will take time

  2. Again a copycat i am really feed up of seeing companies coping together i hope they come up with some original ideas too in future….nay ways thanks for sharing.

  3. gconn77 says:

    Its typical to have one company produce a great idea, and then in the weeks to come… all the other companies do the same thing. With Adsense, we had YPN and others, with Ipod we have zune. Etc… Oh well, so it boils down to personal preference.

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