Quantum to sue Apple over iPhone now

Recently Apple settled its dispute with Cisco over the use of the ‘iPhone’ name but now it seems they are going to run into more trouble with the UK based touch sensor manufacturer Quantum Research . The firm has threatened to sue apple if it finds that Apple has infringed on its touch screen patent and they are examing the iPhone for the same .

The description of the iPhone suggests that it uses a real surface touch screen and has proximity sensing which can tell whether the phone is being held to the ear or not , which is a Quantum research capability .Now if Apple is using the charge transfer technology to give the phone that capability , it would be infringing the firm’s patent . 


  1. Ashish Mohta says:

    man this is really big.I will be waiting for the updates

  2. gconn77 says:

    I am anxious to learn more about this. Be sure to post updates as they come. The Apple iPhone is pretty cool so I want to see what happens next.