Adobe to Offer Photoshop Online

Adobe Systems have announced that they plan to take the image editing software Photoshop online soon. But it is still not known whether the version will be free for online users or not . According to reports , it is part of a move to introduce ad-supported services online to complement its existing product and services and broaden its reach into the consumer market.

The company intends to offer entirely hosted products as well as ‘hybrids’ through which Adobe will use the web to introduce features to its desktop products such as Adobe Photoshop lightroom . As it introduces more online multimedia features and products , the company may combine Photoshop and Premier Pro with Macromedia .

However it will take around six months for this to materialize . The likely competitor to challenge Adobe will be Google’s Picasa as it offers hosted media editing applications . Adobe is still weighing its options with regards to how it will deliver the services.


  1. Garry C. says:

    I would say as expensive as Adobe PhotoShop is as well as the rest of their fleet of software, they should make it free.

  2. Somu says:

    Hey, this is great news. I think the strategy to offer free limited features with ad supported will work good for both parties.

  3. dan1el says:

    They may say ad-supported but I can’t help but think they are going to charge at least something for it. Maybe some sort of subscription model even.

  4. i dont think they will charge as they are competing with Google’s Picasa but who knows .

  5. I’m not sure I see the benefit. With so many free and easy image editing apps out there, why do we need Photoshop? Photoshop is a rather complicated tool for most users and only designer types or the hardcore may benefit. Then again, they would already have the full blown version anyway.