Whoismadhur.com is 1 year old

Happy Birthday whoismadhur.com

Today whoismadhur.com is celebrating its first birthday . The site has attained so much in its 1st year , from PR0 to PR5 , from getting 7 visitors a day to getting 700 , though it may not seem much to all of you but when i started this site i never knew i could reach that much so it is a sort of a personal achievement for me . One thing i like about this site is that it has made me a lot of friends across the globe . For the future i wish that whoismadhur.com becomes a well known site and receive more visitors and traffic than ever .

Now i am thinking of making some changes to my site . I have already added the Snap preview plugin which i wanted to so for long. Another plugin which i have added is the math spam plugin as i was getting too much irritated by spam comments entering my blog. I will be disabling the MAth Spam plugin for the time being as i want to find out whether it discourages visitors from leaving comment by opening a poll . So please do participate in the poll and leave comments if you want that to be enabled or not .

If you want me to write about any specific topic be it Football , Gaming or movies, do tell me about it by leaving a comment so that i may get to know what my readers want . And please do comment about the layout, design , colors etc of the site so that i can fix it .


  1. @Robert
    Thanks and congo to you too.

  2. Garry C. says:


    It’s pretty cool to know that I have been here almost since the beginning! The site has grown by leaps and bounds… keep up the great work!