The Tech Link Train

The Tech Link train is a new link building game started by John Chow and it is slowly spreading over the blogosphere . Now thanks to Mr Byte , Whoismadhur is also a part of this train . All you have to do this is follow the simple instructions given below and be a part of the game .

***Start copying from here***

1. Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn’t a suggestion. You need to break up the duplicate content string. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra linkback.
2. Copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your blog. If you would like a different keyword for your blog then change it when you do your post and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword.
3. Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the “Originals” list.
4. Add no more than 5 new TECH, SCIENCE, or CONSUMER ELECTRONICS blogs to the list in the “My Adds” section.

My Adds

Garry Conn’s SEO Blog

Visual Reactor

Carols Vault

Eches Blog

Amit’s Blog

The Originals:

John Chow dot Com
Ted Leung on the Air
Geek is a chic.
you’ve been HACKED
JMH Techtronics
Web Services
Tech It Like A Man!
Ugh!!’s Greymatter Honeypot
The Tech Inspector

Blog Talks

The Wrong advices

***End Copying Here***


  1. Ashish Mohta says:

    This idea seem to be pretty cool.I will be making my train soon .

  2. eches says:

    Thanks madhur for including my blog..will start my own train too 🙂

  3. Rohit says:

    My train is complete! 😀 Do I get a early bird prize ? 😛 … nice blogs in ‘The Originals’ 🙂

  4. @Rohit
    Sorry man , there are no early bird prizes but you are going to get a lot of link love .