Optimizing your website

Daniel from DailyBlogTips has started a series on “Speed Up your site” with his first post being on Optimizing the images on the site and engtech has also written a good post on Optimizing the site . After reading these posts i was also concerned about the loading time of my site and what can i do to actually improve it .Generally the loading time of the site should be between 1-3 seconds or else this might discourage visitors from visiting it and this is very important in case of personal blogs . Some of the important tips i learned from these posts are

1)Image Optimization and using the correct format

If you use quite a lot of images on your site , they create an extra burden on the site and it adversaly effects the loading time . So it is very important to use a proprer format for the images . The are softwares like Photoshop which have a feature of “Save for the Web” which can be used to reduce the image size . Another tool which Daniel Mentions is the Online Image Optimizer from Dynamic Drive which can also convert file format if needed.

2)Always make your content comes first than sidebars in theme

You sould always settle for a theme which has this thing  . If your theme is displaying the sidebars first , you got to hack your theme by modifying the CSS etc but switching to some other theme is usually the best option .

3)Avoid using excess of JavaScript/Flash widgets in Sidebars

Tools to check your Website Speed

One of the best and simple tool to measure your website is the Website Speed Test from Iwebtools .  All you need to do is enter the web adress and it will give you the time it takes to load the site .  At current the load time of my site was around 1.3 seconds so thats not pretty bad .

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  1. Harsh says:

    At current the load time of my site was around 1.3 seconds so thats not pretty bad .

    But it is bad to have 1 second plus? 😕

  2. Well, mine is on avg below 1 sec. 🙂 I guess with wordpress, too many people are fooling around with too many widgets/ plugins on their site, which is slowing the loading time as well.

  3. @Harsh
    It should not be more than 3-4 seconds .

    You are right , these MBL plugins etc do slow the load times .

  4. That’s right. I try to keep only 5 activated at one time. Some people play and fool around with as many as 20 at one time! Amazing? Nope, but it’s true.

  5. Tisha says:

    that was very useful info thanks!

  6. Very good tips. For the most part, I think I’ve been successful with my optimization however I’m limited by the fact that my site is Blogger hosted.