Command & Conquer :Tiberium Wars preview

I have always loved the Command & Conquer series from Electronic Arts be it Red Alert 2 , Renegade or Generals ,the way the game is presented , the cut scenes , the plot , the graphics and gameplay is what that makes Command & Conquer games diffrent from other games of similar types and Tiberium Wars , the next installment of the series is no diffrent . For those who are new to this series Command & Conquer : Tiberium Wars is a real time strategy game from EA . Recently i downloaded the demo of the game and gave it a try and the experiance was mesmerizing .

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The demo is of around 1.2 GB size and features a tutorial , a mission from GDI compaign and a skirmish map .Tutorial is for the newbies and will make you familiar with the movements and resource collection of the units . It is the compaign that will make you crave for more . As the name suggests , the story will be based on Tiberium , a mineral which can be thought of as a curse or a boom as it does not support life but is the only resource you are going to collect to make units . Your enemy, a group known as the “Brotherhood of NAD” driven by its evil leader Kane considers Tiberium to be source of the next human evolution and has plans to spread it all around . You will be the commander of the GDI (Global Defence Initiative) group who will try to stop Kane from executing its Threatning plans .

The game’s story will get you immersed and will leave you wanting for more .

As for the units , the basic unit will be a MCV (Mobile Construcion Vehicle) which will act as your base and will allow you to construct Power Plants required for genrating Power for your base , Refinery for collectiong Tiberium , Barracks for creating Riflemen , engineers , Zone Troopers etc . You will also get a chance to create Air Fields for initiang air attacks , Missile Squad etc . You will also have special powers like Iron Curtain etc which you can make use of to destroy a large force or a group of buildings at a single click . The mission from the compaign will make you familiar with most of units and introduce you to what to expect from the full game while the skirmish will let you try out some of the new units which is not available in the mission .

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The graphics of the game are great , but you need a decent configuration to play it . The special effects like buildings being distroyed etc will look very nice . The gameplay is similar to similar to that of other strategy game and expericed games will have no problem with it . The sounds are realistic enough to get you immersed in the game play and the cutscenes are truly amazing will seem movie-like . Overall a great game to play and a must buy for me .


  • Graphics   :  5/5
  • Gameplay:  4/5
  • Story         :  5/5


  1. jhay says:

    Looks promising. I haven’t played Command & Conquer game since last year. I think it’s time to take a break from the online MMORPG and go back to old-school RTS games.

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  3. C & C has always been one of the top serious that I have followed since the very first one. I guess many of its long term fans would be awaiting for it here as well.

  4. Qwerty_ says:

    Nice review there I so can’t wait for the real game as the demo version I had would not install and would not install on my friends computers either. I pretty much grew up with CnC so Tiberium Wars is a natural progression for a game that I would play.

  5. Test says:



  6. grim says:

    I don’t think this is a good move by EA, true the game play and graphics are freaking awesome, they have failed the Command and Conquer community in one critical area…
    They completely changed the story line, tiberium was a toxic plantlike life form, not a radioactive material, if it were so radioactive that it destroys all it touches, how would you explain the mutants, and tiberium life forms spawned from it?Also, its NOD not NAD, the aliens, a.k.a. the Scrin, launched the tiberium meteorite at earth, it didn’t draw them to Earth, and GDI, which sported high-tech mechs in Tiberium Sun/Firestorm, now have downgraded to using tanks. Sure i missed the classic Mammoth, but i thought the Mammoth Mark II was much cooler. Finally, The GDI’s objective in the other games was to stop growth of tiberium, and control it, not put up with it.
    I would give it
    * Graphics : 5/5
    * Gameplay: 4/5
    * Story : -100/5 (lol :-P) since they changed the story almost entirely.

    This is an awesome game in its own right, but it disgraces the tradition of the command and conquer label, and muddles Westwood’s great name. It is my opinion that EA is becoming a monopoly, with its pursuits targeted only at profit, instead of pleasing the community as a whole.

    One more note, it appears EA is recycling weapons and names from old Westwood games, the iron curtain? In Red Alert and Red Alert 2, it was a Soviet super weapon that made all buildings and vehicles invulnerable, but massacred any infantry it was unleashed upon. I think they need some new ideas instead of just recycling old material that was made by Westwood….

  7. design king says:

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