Spiderman 3 Game Trailer

For all the spidey fans . Here is the trailer from the latest game Spiderman 3 which is the based on the movie . The gameplay looks damn good compared to the graphics .



  1. Somu says:

    The video is pretty cool.

  2. Garry C. says:

    Spiderman is awesome. And this video is amazing! It never fails to amaze me how wonderful a time I live in. I love my era of technology and I totally enjoy video games!

  3. somac says:

    I just saw Spidey 3 last week, n thought it was fantastic. Looking foward to gettin a copy for the 360, as the graphics and gameplay look awsome.

  4. praveen says:

    The link from youtube has been moved. It is saying video is no longer available