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Make Documents and Spreadsheets online with Peepel

Peepel is a web based office suite which allows you to create your text documents , spreadsheets online . The best feature is that it can be managed within a single browser window which best emulates a desktop workspace . It also feature a calculator to help you with your work . You can even […]

StumbleUpon launches StumbleThru

StubleUpon has launched a new feature called StumbleThru which it describes as “a new way to explore personalized content within fast-growing sites such as Flickr, MySpace, Wikipedia, and YouTube ” . The collaborative nature of Web 2.0 sites like YouTube and Wikipedia means that content is constantly being generated by millions of users,” said David […]

Links for 21-04-2007

Sorry for not updating my blog enough since last week . The reason is that i am quite busy with my academic work . Doing a lot of coding in C/C++ these days and that is keeping me busy . Anyways here a few links which you are going to definately enjoy reading . Learn […]

Create a BootLogo for Vista

If you are tired of the same old boot screen of Vista , you might want to try this out . There is a small software which lets us create a boot logo format in a matter of seconds . First we need to download the Vista Boot Logo Generator which we are going to use to […]

Windows XP to be discontinued in 2008

Come 2008 and you wont see Windows XP in the market. According to the windows life cycle policy web page, Microsoft will discontinue selling its Windows XP operating system by January 31 , 2008 despite its popularity to focus on marketing for its new Vista OS which has not received such a huge response since […]