Have a Video Wallpaper as Desktop Background

Windows Vista will have a feature called Dreamscene which will allow us to have a video as a desktop background . Dreamscene will only be available to the people using Windows Vista Ultimate but for people using Windows XP , there is also a way . And that is VLC player . VLC player has  a built in feature that can allow you to have any video as a wallpaper . All you have to do is the following things

1) Open VLC and check whether Wallpaper mode is enabled

Goto Settings->preferences->video->output modules->Directx

Just select the advacned option box and you will get the following window as shown below , enable the wallpaper mode , now when you run your videos and right click on it , you will see a wallpaper option .

Select the enable wallpaper option

 2) Now to remove VLC from your taskbar go to

Settings->preferences->Interface->Main Interfaces->wxWidgets and uncheck the Taskbar option.

Deselect the Taskbar option

3)Now all we have to do is loop your videos , go to

Settings->preferences->playlists and you will see the required option .

This will work on most of the versions but i recommend you to use the latest version of VLC .  I tried it on Windows Vista Ultimate but i got a black screen as a wallpaper which was probably due to some issues with Aero , so if anyone gets it to work in Vista , do comment about it .

via VistaRewired


  1. Michael says:

    I have VLC and I did all the steps as it said. Then, when I go to the DirectX Wallpaper button, it is grayed out. I can’t click on it. Any one know how to fix this?

    P.S. I have VLC 0.9.8a

  2. uribe says:

    How do you save the video as Background??? Everytime I close VLC Program the video wallpaper close to..

  3. Name (required) says:

    Done everything like you explained.
    My desktop just goes black and that’s it. 🙁
    (I have WinXPProSP3 and an nvidia 7 series graphics board, if that helps.)

  4. Name (required) says:

    Actually, the VLC wiki advises you to “deactivate overlay”.
    I did not know what that was and found a solution:

    “ok, Just go to preferences, then go to the bottom left corner and click on all (its in a box that says show settings) then you just click on the item “video” on your left (should be the last item) then on your right it should say on the top “general video settings” go down till you find “overlay video output” and uncheck it, then you can also click on the little triangle (or “+”) that’s next to the item called “video” on your left then click on output modules and on your right should be a drop down list, choose one that you think is the best (usually directx or open gl works fine)”

    It’s still not working though. ):

  5. ming says:

    i tried all the steps i even downloaded the 0.9.8 version i have vista ultimate but non of the steps worked..what should i do?

  6. Need Help! says:

    I tried this, but once the video was done, the screen went to an image as a background. How can I continuously loop the video?