Use Flash Drive to Speed Up Windows Vista

If you want your PC to run faster with Windows Vista , connect your flash drive to the PC with a USB 2.0 socket and when the autoplay interface comes up select “Speed up my system using ReadyBoost” .

Then you will be taken to a “properties page ” for the device where you can reserve a certain amount of space for ReadyBoost .  You will need at least 230 MB of space in your Flash Drive and it should be fast enough to support ReadyBoost else you will get a message .  

Now lets see what ReadyBoost actually does . No it is not increasing your RAM . Instead ReadyBoost uses the flash drive to store information that is being used by memory manager . It creates a a virtual copy of memory on the flash drive and since the Flash Drive is much faster than your hard disk , your computer will run faster . No whatever is stored in the Flash Drive is also in the Hard Disk so if you remove the Flash Drive , the memory manager will see the change and will begin to use hard disk . Some people might consider it as RAM replacement but it is not the case , RAM is much more faster than this but it does the job well .

I tried it on my system and the performance was worth noting . I actuallt tested it while playing games and experianced a higher Frame Rate , so do give it a try .


  1. Somu says:

    Its really a bummer that it doesn’t work in XP. Looks like you guys have already upgraded to Vista…

  2. @Somu

    Dr . Anonymous has written in comments how to run it in XP . Give it a try , if it works , do inform me .

  3. What Dr. Anonymous’s said here is to change the swap/paging file to be located on ur flash drive. There’s an element of risk involved here.. make sure u dont pull out the drive when operational or ur comp’ll crash at worst or u’ll lose data at the very minimum..

  4. Vishal says:

    Hey Dude Its Working
    Thanks Let See It Works Properly Or Not

  5. Russ says:

    This works – but not for long. Flash drives have a “certain number of writes” on their usage before they start to fail. It’s a finite number. It’s in the millions, but you get there fast using it as a swap drive.

    Dont’ believe me? Read about flash/key drives.

  6. Praneet says:

    so will this help me in playing high end games on Geforce 6200 using vista???I’m dying to try out Halo 2 but Madhur has recently informed me that it runs only on VIsta…

  7. Ionia says:

    Thanks for the tip. Ive been using the Ironkey lately (see it’s really neat.

  8. Mark Tran says:

    how can you store memory in windows vista Using a flash drive. I need to know what to do. When i put my flash drive in to the monitor, nothing pops up. I am trying to save my work in microcoft 2007

  9. […] Vista has a very cool feature called Readyboost which allowed you to use your Flash/Pen drives to boost your system performance. It allowed […]