JohnChow is giving away a free Microsoft Zune


John Chow, the owner of John Chow dot com , a blog that helps you make money on the internet, is giving away a Microsoft Zune . Yeah you heard it right , a free Microsoft Zune worth 250$ . All you got to do is make a post on your blog about the contest with a pre described Anchor text .

The contest is open till the end of the month . So do take part in it , who knows, you might get lucky .


  1. Atul says:

    Nice information madhur , I think this is the best way to get more exposer in blogging world by offering new contest , Darren and John chow knows very well how they can get what they want .

  2. Ashish Mohta says:

    Thats pretty cool. ANother way to get link back before pr update

  3. Dj Flush says:

    I have taken part in the contest and I am very much excited about it 😛

    Though the link building strategy is cool. I am planning to use a similar strategy to build my blog links

    Also Madhur Please check my blog you have been Tagged 😀

  4. Web 2.0 says:

    Seems like John Chow is on its way to PR 7… I am sure he will be linked by hundreds of small blogs.


  5. Somu says:

    Its an awesome idea to get backlinks for such a cheap price. Because he has a good popularity, and so many people commenting on his regular posts, this cool Zune offer is only going to increase his backlinks.

    Good one!

  6. Vijay says: is only on PR 4 though he has a wonderful technorati and alexa rank. Probably all the linkbacks for reviews is costing him dear