Blogging Toolkit of Whoismadhur

Blogging Toolkit is a set of tools that a blogger uses to create , manage and optimize his website . Basically the tools used by a blogger to run his blog . I have been tagged by Sizlopedia to reveal my Blogging toolkit and so here i go .

Blogging Platform

When i first started blogging a year ago , i created my first blog at blogspot but shifted to WordPress within a week as i found it much better than blogger . I dont think anyone will disagree with me on this one .

Blogging Client

I have used Windows Live Writer in the past but after the launch of WP 2.1 i use the rich text editor of WordPress as it has been enhanced greatly from the previous version.

Statistics Software

I use Google Analytics along with awstats to measure my site stats

Blog Promotion

I have employed a few SEO plugins in my blog which i think are doing there job.

Blog Feeds

Although i learned the concept of feeds a bit late , i am using Feedburner for it and it sure rocks .


It will raise a few eyebrows but my choice is IE7 . I have been using IE ever since i started surfing so i dont feel like changing it .

Blog Graphics

Though i am not much of a graphics person but i am starting to learn a bit of Adobe Photoshop now as i feel it is essential for every blogger .

So that wraps it up . And now its my turn to tag somebody and i tag Eches , Ashish and John  to share there Toolkit with us .


  1. @ Gili , Chris
    The plugins i am using are “Add Meta Tags ” and “Head Meta Description” .

  2. Somu says:

    Some tips for SEOing the WP site:
    * instead of going for the Permalink structure as /2007/04/10/, its better to use /20070410/. This way, we reduced the nesting by 2 levels.
    * Sitemap plugin is a must.
    * Related Posts – It is another must. Most of the time, we never really crosslink our old posts, and the related posts can save us some trouble.

  3. @Somu
    Thanks for the tip .

  4. Vijay says:

    IE certainly hasn’t got my fancy and probably never will. Guess I am another guy on the FF bandwagon