Create your Twin with MyCyberTwin

Have you been so busy lately that you cant find time to chat with your online friends? If yes , then not to worry anymore , leave the chatting to your “CyberTwin” .

What is CyberTwin

Cybertwin is an extension of your personality online. Your virtual personality that can be trained to chat with your friends . The more knowledge you give him , the more accurate it will be .

A company called RelevanceNow has recently released a early version of there product called MyCybertwin through which people can create and customize there virtual personality  that can chat with friends while we are offline . This bot or your Cybertwin can also be used on blogs and other sites by just copying and pasting the code .

The service lest you create a cybertwin as well as train it . You can pick from one of the¬† five basic personality types such as “down to earth” , “cheeky ” ,”intellectual” etc and your cybertwin will behave or chat in such a way . You can even further enhance your cybertwin by giving it lessons , the more lessons you give , the more real it will get . For eg lessons can be given in categories such as Greetings , About Me , Family , Entertainment. You can tell the Cybertwin what to say when someone asks you questions like “What is your name” , “What do you think about movies ” , “HI , Hello” etc . You can even customize it ask a certain set of questions also . So the more information it will have , the more “personality” the chat bot will have .

Liesl Capper , co founder of Relevancenow says “Sites and bloggers will want them so that people can learn about them when they’re away. And companies can learn about customers without having direct conversations,” .

So what are you waiting for , go to MyCyberTwin and create your very own bot . Or you can also chat with other members Cybertwin and get an idea about how they react .


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  2. […] Create Your Twin With MyCyberTwin by Madhur […]

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    I really liked the way they came off

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