Whoismadhur.com redesigned

Finally i have redesigned my site to give it a new look .  The theme i am currently using is Digg 3 Column by WP Designer . I havent made much changes to the theme except messed up a bit of CSS . I have even made a new header (i know i know it sucks ) for the first time . As its my first encounter with CSS and stuff , it is not that good but i had a lot of fun doing so .

There are a lot of issues which remains to be fixed . As i am quite tired now and got a class after 4 hours , i will go to sleep and do the corrections tomorrow . In the meantime do comment about how you fell about the theme and feel free to give your suggestions and feedback . Also if you encounter any errors , do report them .


  1. Manas says:

    Nice design … 🙂

    Try putting a navigation bar between the header and the content. The space is not looking too good.

  2. Rohit says:

    Not bad but I personally don’t like the header :(. Maybe you could use a photograph or something ? Besides that I love the cleanliness of the theme. And yeah I agree with Manas about putting a navigation bar…

  3. Hello again Madhur,
    I just designed a header for your blog and it’s here.
    It’s upto you to use it or trash it 🙂
    BTW, it will be useful if you install an email notifier to comments plugin here.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion guys .
    Thanks a lot for the header .

  5. Shivaranjan says:

    Madhur Bhai your site looks really refreshed. 🙂 I am also change to a new theme but I am just hunting for a new theme.

  6. Shiva bhai , Good to see you back after a long time . How are you ?

  7. Sumesh says:

    I better hit Archive.org to find your older look 😀

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