Whoismadhur.com redesigned

Finally i have redesigned my site to give it a new look .  The theme i am currently using is Digg 3 Column by WP Designer . I havent made much changes to the theme except messed up a bit of CSS . I have even made a new header (i know i know it sucks ) for the first time . As its my first encounter with CSS and stuff , it is not that good but i had a lot of fun doing so .

There are a lot of issues which remains to be fixed . As i am quite tired now and got a class after 4 hours , i will go to sleep and do the corrections tomorrow . In the meantime do comment about how you fell about the theme and feel free to give your suggestions and feedback . Also if you encounter any errors , do report them .


  1. @Somu
    I will try to make contents come before the sidebar , thanks for the suggestions .

  2. jhay says:

    Looks nice and clean. Though nothing Web 2.0 like. But hey, it’s your theme and your blog. Besides, you do come up with good content. 😀

  3. Nice theme..Just one suggestion..Black Color for “Who is Madhur” does not go well with Blue

    -Himanshu Sheth
    (Contributor to http://startups.in/india)
    (Blogger at http://thoughtsprevail.blogspot.com)

  4. You have a nice site. Though the RSS Subscription is not working for your default feed URL. The eMail subscription works.

  5. Dj Flush says:

    Madhur You Blog looks awesome

    I have some strategies that I would like to implement on your blog which involves a little adsense blending to get more CTR

    and I can make a great header for your blog

    Do let me know If yu are interested please 🙂

  6. Brown Baron says:

    Nice clean design. The header looks fine buddy.

  7. Vijay says:

    Clean and simplistic design and the ability to display everything clearly .. Just the right way to do it. Good job

  8. Thanks Guys

    @Dj Flush

    Any help will be greatly appreciated .

  9. Arpit says:

    The design is good, just try to blend that MyBlogLog widget. Try some different colour for it.

  10. Ashwin says:

    Honestly Madhur, I liked the old theme only. Anyway there’s scope for improvement in this theme as well. 😀