Windows XP to be discontinued in 2008

Come 2008 and you wont see Windows XP in the market. According to the windows life cycle policy web page, Microsoft will discontinue selling its Windows XP operating system by January 31 , 2008 despite its popularity to focus on marketing for its new Vista OS which has not received such a huge response since its launch .

The retails licenses will also be discontinued which means Professional edition , Home edition , X64 and Media Center edition will not be available from next year . PC makers such as Dell , HP , Toshiba etc will no longer be able to buy licenses for the software so they can install it on there machines .

This decision may be based on the fact that Vista was not received to well in the US and Europe . Accoriding to a poll by a US market research , 10% of those questioned were planning to upgrade to Vista.


  1. Adragon202 says:

    and it requires and internet connection so it can check in every 30 days or it stops working

  2. Desiani says:

    I think Vista is a good product, but the price is too high

  3. Windows Vista stops wireless connection…

    no kidding!…