Make Documents and Spreadsheets online with Peepel

Peepel is a web based office suite which allows you to create your text documents , spreadsheets online . The best feature is that it can be managed within a single browser window which best emulates a desktop workspace . It also feature a calculator to help you with your work . You can even run multiple instances of each type and share the same toolbar .

The files which you create are saved in in the openDocument format , i.e. they will work with OpenOffice and not Microsoft Word or Excel . You can save the file to your hard drive or A virtual drive . The print function can also enable you to save the file in PDF format .

The interface looks quite sleek and nice . One thing i hate about this is that the filetypes are not compatible with Word or Excel , hopefully they may do it someday . And the site also plans to enable sharing with other users inĀ  the near future .


  • Peepel Desktop : Technology that enable multiple Peepel Windows and applications opened in one browser window .
  • Peepel WebWriter : A simple Word Processor
  • Peepel Spreadsheet : A spreadsheet maker
  • PeepelPanel : Stays on top of Peepel Desktop and changes for each application you are using
  • Peepel Workspace Manager : Used to save a desktop layout and return to it anytime .


  1. subhash says:

    I think Google spreadsheets will be much better than this

  2. Speaking of spreadsheets, is a good one

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