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Need For Speed ProStreet

Its a good news for gamers and as well as NFS fans out there . EA has annouced the next version of the NFS called ProStreet . Though much information havent been revealed about it , it is certain that Car Damage will play an important part in this game . Whatever they do , i hope […]

See the New York City in 3d

For those of you who have always wanted to visit New York but couldnt actually make it , Microsoft has the solution to it . Microsoft has launched there “Live Search maps 3-D” feature starting with New York and a few other cities. Microsoft® Live Search Maps will today begin offering three-dimensional, photo-realistic views of […]

3D chat with IMVU

Thanks to my friend Sanjay a.k.a Starfire for introducing me to this thing . IMVU is an instant messenger which allows you to chat with other people online . But its no ordinary text chat , here you create your avatar , create your very own 3d rooms , decorate them by adding furnitures etc . It […]

Intel Unveils World’s Thinnest Laptop

Just look at the beauty above. Intel’s latest prototype codenamed ” Intel Mobile Metro Notebook ” is just .7 inches thick and weights just 2.25 pounds . Even though  it will be slim , it will be packed with Intel’s fastest and efficient components and will be available by the end of the year .

Google Expands Translation Toolbox

Google has introduced a new feature in its search that can automatically translate Internet search requests and results in 12 languages . This new feature will give the users a chance to search in there native language and have the search results translated to other languages . Then just by clicking on a link , […]