Site Update

First of all , let me tell you people sorry for not updating my blog enough for the past two weeks . I have been a heel lot busy with my assignments that i couldnt get time much time with my computer and the fact that net access was disabled by our college from 11 P.M. to 8 A.M. didnt help the cause either . But now i am finally free (for quite some time actually) and can concentrate on blogging .

There are a few changes that i have made with my blog which i would like to inform you about . I have installed the Link Love plugin , which will assign the Link Love (remove rel=”nofollow”) after a user has commented a certain no of times (which will be 7 in this case) . So this gives you an additional reason to comment on this blog . And now my “Top Commentators Plugin” will reset weekly and the top commentators of the week will get a chance to get there posts mentioned on this blog . One more reason to comment and give your  blog some exposure . I have also added a Link Exchange section through which people can request me for Link Exchange which is essential for getting a good Page Rank with google . So if anyone is interested , add my site to the blogroll and drop me a comment there .

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  1. Garry Conn says:

    That is the wonderful thing about blogs… you can leave them and they still grow. Unlike plants that need water, blogs grow even when you don’t post. It gives people time to search your previous posts, read your archives and comment on older things that bring them back to the top. Sometimes leaving a blog alone for a month is the best way to market it. 🙂

    Welcome back by the way.