Develop your IM network

Recently DailyBlogTips emphasized about developing our IM networks . I feel that it is quite important as it gives as a medium to communicate as well as discuss issues or problems related to blogging. Sometimes you may even want someone to check a particular feature of your site or some help with a probelm you may be facing . An additional benefit is that you get to make a lot of friends all around the world .

So below i am mentioning my IM id’s . Do feel free to add me . If you want to share your id’s with other members just comment on this post with your various IM id’s .

GTalk : madhur.kapoor
Yahoo: madhur_warrior_within

I suggest you to add me on Gtalk as i am more active there .


  1. Techie Buzz says:

    Hey Madhur,

    How are you doing, its great to read your site more often now.

    I have added you to Gtalk.


  2. Hey Keith ,
    It is good to see you back after such a long time . How have you been ?

  3. Techie Buzz says:

    Hey Madhur,

    I have been mine man, I am now in NY having fun out here. Got to blog once again coming here and am posting frequently now.


  4. Garry Conn says:

    I am sure you already have me!