Halo 2 PC version delayed

Halo 2

Well this will be a disappointing news for all the PC gamers from around the world . It seems that Bungie has delayed the launch of Halo 2 PC version to Fall 2007 instead of May 8th which was the original release date . The main reason is that they are concetrating on releasing the Halo 3 beta that is scheduled to be released on May 16 . Lets hope the delay is worth the wait .

Halo 2 PC version will only run on Windows Vista and not on Windows XP . So i guess it is an additional reason to shift to Vista . I think this can also boost the sales of Vista as it did for XBOX .


  1. Andy says:

    Come on, it can only run on Vista? I guess many people would have to wait then 😛

  2. Jeff says:

    Having seen what a huge waste of PC resources Vista is, I hope no one buys Halo2PC unless and until M$ releases a WinXP version/patch.

    I won’t pay $200 for a game ($50 for the game and $150 for the OS)!!!!

  3. Jeff says:

    Also, from what I have read, it is only delayed 2 weeks until May 22.

  4. bongzo says:

    Yeah ,Vista sucks ballz, I was trying it out! Computer makes weird noises with it!! Wait at least a year for a service pack 2 too come out for vista!! Also vista uses’s lots of system resources, making gaming a bit laggy. Xp is way better, and stable. Halo 2 isnt even that good of a game anyways. I bet you could probally find an xbox emu, and play it on xp. cheers!, just trying to give some help!;)

  5. narendra.s.v says:

    hmm bad news for me, iam waiting for it

  6. Praneet says:

    well vista aint all that bad…but i agree it eats up a whole lot of resources….but this is bad as i am a big fan of halo and was waiting for it to release…even if it is released soon i will have to install vista which is a big no no as my pc is not that high-end…