Top 5 reasons to start a Blog

There my be thousands of reason why you want to blog . It can be business oriented , personal , promotion etc or any other . Here are the top 5 reasons to start a blog .

  1. First of all Blogging is free , you dont have to pay a penny to start blogging . There are a lot of free services like WordPress and Blogger etc which you can use .Sometimes blogging can be fun too . Just interact with other bloggers and you will know .
  2. Start blogging to talk about you hobbies and passions . You may be good at one thing or maybe have a passion for something . Just start writing about your hobbies and passions and you help others by sharing your creativity with them . You may also get to know a lot of things which you probably didnt know .
  3. Start blogging to express yourself to the world . There maybe a lot of things about which you want to talk about but you feel that no one is ready to listen to you . But this is not the case , there are a lot of people who may have the same opinion as you . You will never find them if you dont blog .
  4. Start blogging to promote your business or any product . Through this you have a chance to reach a wider variety of audience and customers from around the world .
  5. Start Blogging to make a network of friends . You will make a lot of friends who have common interests , similar views , live near you or you can meet a lot of new people . Just interact with other bloogers by leaving comments on there blog and you will know what i mean .

The list can go on and on , each one will have a diffrent opinion . If you have some points to share , then do leave them in the comments . This post is a part of the Darren’s Group Writing Project .

Starting a blog can be fun, and if you have the right niche you can also make money. You can read about Internet marketing strategies as well as cheap hosting and the advantages of a dedicated hosting so why not get started.


  1. ernest says:

    Uh….thank you. Very great working for you give me your post. Absolutely, this is very usefull to me. Thank you very much.

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  3. Nice list! i think ill start a blog too