Google Earth to have Sound

Google has always been famous for adding some innovations to there product and services and there latest offering seems like a good one. Come May 29 and you will be able to hear sounds on Google Earth along with visual images .Yes this is possible thanks to Californian Software Company , Wild Sanctuary . The sounds you will be able to hear will contain natural sounds , the brazilian rain and the arctic ice sheet .  

This addition will definately make viewing the world through Google Earth , a real experiance. Bernie Krause of Wild Sanctuary has spent over 40 years collecting the sound and there company had over 3500 hours of recording containing almost everything and from all the continents of the world . One more benefit is that you will also be able to hear the modern day noises . The deal is not yet finalised but if everything goes well , we may have a demo by May 29 .


  1. jhay says:

    This is neat. Wonder what sounds they would play for the Philippines? 😉

  2. Interested to know what’s instore for India? 🙂

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