Apple to develop an Ipod-nano like Iphone ?

Rumor has it that , Apple may be developing an ipod-nano like phone. The phone will be on the lines of Iphone but smaller in size. It seems that Apple has filed fresh documents it the US Patents office for the new product .


The document contain details about a Nano sized telephone device with a display on the front , which can be used as a touch screen and a back side which is touch and Force sensitive.The device is also said to have a translucent look to enable people to use multiple control interfaces .The phone might also have some PDA functions .

If any of you have any more news on this thing , then do tell me about it through comments .


  1. jhay says:

    Wonder what it would be called? The iPhone nano? Hahaha

  2. well i would like to join the beta testing team of this one..:)

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