How to Remove COM Surrogate Error in Vista

I have been using Windows Vista for 3 months now and one error that has always annoyed me is the “COM Surrogate Error ” . This error generally occurs when you open a folder thaty contains a lot of media files . The error is

Beleive me it is irritating . This error is mainly caused due to codecs i,e Divx , Nero etc which might not be compatible with Vista . Some possible solutions to this problem are

1) Upgrade your Nero or Divx to latest version .

2)You can disable Thumbnail previews . Though it is the easiet solution , no body will want to do it .

3)It might be caused due to ffdshow codec pack . Try some alternative

How ever i nice solution is available at Helpero . To solve the error follow the steps

  1. Click on start . Right Click on Computer and Select Properties
  2. Click Advanced System Settings located at top left corner
  3. Under the Performance field click settings

  1. Go to Data Execution Prevention Tab
  2. Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select
  3. Click the Add.. button
  4. Browse to c:windowssystem32 and select dllhost.exe . Click ok when done . You will get a windows like this
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Restart your computer and the problem will be solved .


  1. Abhi says:

    Hi.I have tried with all the solutions provided but none of them worked for me. I installed new version of Divx, tried the dllhost one and everything but still it is not solved.Its really irritating. Please help me with this.

  2. Thehookandtheb8 says:

    Thank you! This issue was driving me nuts. I uninstalled divx I installed vista codec package and nothing was working. Then I followed your excellent step by step and hey presto! Ty for sharing.

  3. itai says:

    thank you very much the com surrogate error is complitely gone after restart ,keep it up job welldone

  4. okok says:

    ok thaks man, nero was the problem

  5. dichusie pojar says:

    thanks~!~!it really saved me from breakin my pc

  6. khan says:

    i have tried all options in vista. after trying everything its still giving me the same error the only difference is that now i get it only at startup or when i run an executable, so if theres a permanent cure do lemme know

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  8. sushil says:


    bt same didnt work out here…

    still persists the error

  9. sushil says:

    guys…its gonn…
    the best way is to dwnload new codec for ur default player…and prob is gone…..