3D chat with IMVU

Thanks to my friend Sanjay a.k.a Starfire for introducing me to this thing . IMVU is an instant messenger which allows you to chat with other people online . But its no ordinary text chat , here you create your avatar , create your very own 3d rooms , decorate them by adding furnitures etc . It also allows you to express yourself virtually by shaking hands , hugging or even attacking .

The avatar you create can be either male or female . There are thousands of things to choose from while creating your Avatar ranging from clothes , hair style , eyes , skin color , shoes etc . You even get to create a homepage on there site which you can decorate as you want . In the beginning you will get 1000 Credits while registering and you can earn more by chatting with others. The credits can be used to give your online friends some virtual gifts .

You dont get a text box where you can type your text , instead you just type your text directly and it will appear above your avatar in a 3d bubble , like a comic book . You can also do a variety of animations like laughing , waving , greeting etc . Even you can interact with other in a variety of ways including , hugging , body slam , flirting etc . Just click on the other person’s avatar and choose from a variety of interactions .

 You can also become an IMVU developer so that you get a chance to make your own models , 3d scenes , dresses etc . Over all a cool way to have some chat with your friends . Do try it out and tell me about your experiance in comments .

Definately reminds me of the sims game .


  1. Jasmine says:

    Yo soy espanol.pienso que usted puede cambiar quizá el Web page al español

  2. layla says:

    hey i luv the site but how do i chat with people plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. miniose says:

    i called miniose and i play imvu is good game.go ahead type to talk and click arrows to walk .pm if you need anything :D.

  4. Abira says:

    i like imvu becuase its fun

  5. damara says:

    how can i make one.

  6. Ashley says:

    IMVU Is Awesome, I Agree. I Have Been A member For Two Years, And It’s Awesome. It Is Kind Of Like Second Life, Only Less Confusing, And Less Gameish, More IMish. And To damara All You Have To Do Is Go To imvu.com and Sign Up.

  7. tara says:


  8. rebecca says:

    i have to agree this is a pretty nit thing i sign up for it it and it is sick man i love it man?????????

  9. piyush gupta says:

    I their any way through which I can found my recent chats on imvu..