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Lost Planet : Extreme Condition Review

One of the best action games that you can lay your hand on this summer is Lost Planet : Extreme Condition. Fortunately for PC gamers CAPCOM decided to bring this XBOX 360 shooter to the PC also packed with a DX10 version . I havent got my hands on the full version which was released […]

Yahoo , Google add new features to there Photo products

Both Yahoo and Google have updated the photo products “Yahoo Image Search” & “Picasa Web Albums” . Lets take a look at both of them . Yahoo Image Search results will now contain images incorporated from flickr also . This means that in addition to regular indexed images from the web , the web user […]

Seagate to introduce 1 TeraByte Hard Disk

Computer Storage is one thing which i cant seem to get enough of . I have 3 hard disks of 80GB capacity (total 240GB)  in my computer but still i am running short of space every time . Most of the space are taken by Computer games , Music , Videos and some softwares . […]

Keep Your Password Safe using KeePass

Remembering Passwords is a tough job these days as there are many services in which we create an account . A good option you might consider would be to have a same password for all account but this can be highly risky . If someone gets hold of this password , you will be in big […]

The Wolf is here

Finally i am the owner of a brand new XFX Geforce 8600GT . Clocked at 520 Mhz , this baby has got 256 MB DDR3 memory . The best thing is that it is a DX 10 card so the power of Shader Model 4.0 . Now you can expect some good game reviews from me […]