brings Ask 3D

In the past few years many companies have been revamping there search engines in order to chase market leaders Google and is no diffrent . It is going to make another major attempt to attract more people to its search engine .On tuesday it is going to introduce some major improvements in its search algorithms and User Interface in order to attract more people to its search engine .

The new approach which is termed as “Ask 3D” will sort the results into three vertical panels displayed on the screen instead of a page containg 10 or so number of links . The panel on the far right side will contain photos and multimedia results including videos , clips that can be played in that same page . Some of the times , the same panel may feature weather reports or some stuff from news sites based on that instance.

The result of the panel will depend on the type of search request and the location of the computer requesting the result . The left hand column will contain suggestions to refine the queries while the center column lists the traditional search results . The search algorithms can produce more efficient results . The main idea behind this is to display all the relevant results containing images , videos in a single page .

”Internet search too often is like going to the library and having all books thrown on a desk so you have to do all the sorting,” Lanzone (Ask’s Chief Executive) said. ”Ask 3D is trying to bring some order to those books so you can find the good stuff faster.”  

It seems highly unlikely that Ask can break into Top 3 through this but it will definately help them to increase a portion of there market share .


  1. TechnoPark says:

    This is going to tempt google to buy Ask!!

  2. It is looks good to see ask 3d, however, it will slower down the search since the engine many things in 1 search.

  3. Shivaranjan says:

    hmm… that is quite interesting. Will google comeup with something like this?

  4. It doesnt make the search much slower . I think if it gets popular , then google might think about it .

  5. I personally feel that they should concentrate on improving their search features than improving their UI. Though they’ve put up many algorithm changes, their search quality is not upto the mark.