Youtube launches new Embedded player

Youtube has launched a new player for videos that are embedded in blogs . In the new player you will also see a list of related videos and you will be able to move between them easily . Plus the code that is needed to embed the videos will also be available there . Thus all this can be done without opening a new page . By this Youtube ais that people will get watch more videos .

There was a lot of negative comments regarding it and as a result the related videos will only be visible when you click on the “Menu” link given at the end of the video. You will also have an option to switch to the old player if you dont like the new one . To do that just append &rel=0 to the URL of the video you wish to append in your site . For example you have to replace with .


  1. I love the new embedded player very much. It looks so cool in a dock like style with those related videos 😉

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  3. Same here Shankar , i love it too .

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  5. Pradeep says:

    i was bit frustrated with this new feature. It was distracting the audience on my website. But later on when i noticed that it has got the MENU feature to display the related videos, I was bit relieved.

    Anyways, Thanks for the tip that it can be disabled through “rel=0” querystring.