Ready To Game this November

This November will surely bring a lot of goodies for the gamers as two of the most awaited and high profile games are going to be out that time . The first one is going to be Electronic Art’s most awaited Need For Speed : Pro Street . The game is scheduled to be released on Oct 31 , 2007 .

Nfs Prostreet

Here’s the list of few cars which you may see in the game .

  • Audi RS4
  • Mazda RX7
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Plymouth Barracuda

The other one to be released is Ubisoft Montreal’s highly anticipated stealth action game called Assasin Creed .

Assasin Creed

The game is going to be released in November with versions for XBOX 360 , PS3 and PC . So get ready to spend big bucks …..GAME ON .


  1. Nirmal says:

    This is great news for all the lovers of NFS including me. 😀

  2. Shivaranjan says:

    Did you upgrade your graphics card? I have to first get one good graphics card and then start playing some good games…

  3. I am going to buy a GeForce 8600 GT . It will be required for most of the DX 10 games .

  4. CypherHackz says:

    i cant wait the nfs release. the graphic is really great and amazing. but im sure it needs more ram and graphic card memory. hurm…

  5. Luv says:

    Datz a gr8 newz dude eagrly w8tin 4 dat game 2 get instld on mi pc

  6. Praneet says:

    hey…just getting a new, well, second hand graphics card, but i know it to be in good shape…i dont know whether i’ll be able to play NFS Pro Street on that…so perhaps Madhur would like to enlighten me on that one…As he is the one selling it to me…