Safari for Windows

Safri Browser

Recently Apple released its Safari Browser for Windows users . Although i am quite happy with my IE 7 , i decided to give it a shot for some reasons which i cant remember of right now .At first look , it just appered like a normal browser with a mac look . It had all the features like Tabbed Browsing , RSS Support , Pop Up Blocker etc but what actually surprised me was the speed at which opened the websites .

I decided to try out few image sites like flickr etc and to my surprise , the image loading time was much faster that what i have experianced so far with IE or FF. Even the user interface looked clean and tidy , the resizable text fields was also a good option . The Snapback is another feature which most of you will definately appreciate . Private Browsing is another good feature .One problem which i noticed was that whenever i started “Safari” , it took some time to responsd to my initial request . Hopefully this will be fixed in the final version .

Apple are saying that Safari is faster than any other browser in the market and with my experiance , i can say that it might be true . When it will come out of the beta version i am sure that it is going to give some tough competition to IE , FF and Opera . Wonder why apple didint release it earlier ? Have you people tried out Safari , do share your experiances with me through comments .


  1. ram says:

    I think i am the only one who feels it is slower than any other browser i have and it uses lot of RAM.

  2. Nirmal says:

    For me it is not opening faster than Firefox. But still I’m using it,

  3. xfuture says:

    i have try in windows and after a while it will stop responding and close. I think this is because safari still in beta so not compatible with windows vista yet.

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