Uncensored Image Hosting at Bayimg

bayimg.jpgThe swedes from PirateBay have released an Uncensored web hosting service called Bayimg .

By uncensored it means that you can upload any pictures which is legal under the Swedish Law which includes almost anything . The site has got a neat little Ajaxified interface which makes the uploading quick and fast . You also have an option to tag your pictures , and insert a Removable code which can only be used to remove the photo once it has been uploaded.

The good feature about this service is that you can upload images in about 140 file formats including zip and rar . If you upload a rar or zip file and it contains more than one image , an album will be created and an additional link to the album is given to the uploader .  You can upload  files of maximum size upto 100 MB . When you upload an image it gives you a single link which is in contrast to a number of links you get at Imageshack . So this area definately needs improvements . You can also search the images uploaded by other members through a Tag Cloud which is provided .

The best think about this service is that it is quite faster than other uploading sites . But a lot of improvements are needed it has to compete against the leaders . And with the tag uncensored it might turn into a porn directory .


  1. DeeJay says:

    It’s nice to know some new stuff.
    Thanks 4 the info.