Create Folders with Custom Name

Whenever you create a folder in Windows , it is named “New Folder “ as default . This can be quite irritating when you want to create several folders at once for diffrent purpose .

Custom Folder is a small software which gives you several options to create folder with Time Stamps , Date Stamps etc . The software will add a customizable “New Folder” function to the Right Click menu of the Windows Explorer .After installing Right click on the desktop and from the menu select ” Create custom name folder” .  A dialogue will open giving you several options to modify


The options are

  • Static text:
    Place static text anywhere in the mask to define your default folder name
  • Date:
    Chose from a two or four digit year mask; two digit month mask and two digit day mask
  • Time:
    Chose from a two digit hour, minute and/or second field and add an optional three digit millisecond field
  • Increment:
    By adding a simple switch, Custom Folder will automatically add a three digit incremented identifier to a default mask, making it ideal for backups or version control.
  • Trim:
    Helping you to keep your filing tidy, the “trim” switch instructs Custom Folder to trim any blank spaces from either end of the default folder name, ensuring that subsequent searches or batch operations are not bugged by unseen leading or trailing spaces.



  1. Nirmal says:

    This utility looks good. But will it consume extra memory?

  2. Cool software. 😀

  3. @Nirmal
    I dont think so .

  4. Luv says:

    evn i dnt lyk it

  5. listikal says:

    Wow, very handy. I could have used this back when I was creating thousands of user directories.

  6. Free Games says:

    Now that I would imagine would be quite usefull when organising data. (Which reminds me I really need to organise some of my data soon getting messy)