Keep Your Password Safe using KeePass

Remembering Passwords is a tough job these days as there are many services in which we create an account . A good option you might consider would be to have a same password for all account but this can be highly risky . If someone gets hold of this password , you will be in big big trouble  . Even remembering diffrent user names can be a tough call these days . So a need arises to store this confidential information in a secure and safe place . Thats where “KeePass Password Safe” comes handy .

KeePass Password Safe 

KeePass is free as well as open source password manager which can store our passwords in a single database in a secure manner . The database can be locked using a Master Password or a Key Disk or both . So instead of remembering all those passwords we have to remember a single password or use a key disk . The interface is also simple . In the beginning when we create a new database , we are required to enter a new master password or a key disk  .After that we can add entries for various accounts and save the database . Some features of this software

  • Strong Security using Advanced Encryption Algorithms
  • Multiple User Keys
  •  Portable
  • Easy Database Transfer
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Password Generator
  • Plugin Support
  • lots more


The best thing about this is that it is open source . So you can also look at the source code and use of your preffered Encryption algorithm , for experts only . Which software or methods do you use to remember your passwords . Share the info through comments.



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