Seagate to introduce 1 TeraByte Hard Disk

Computer Storage is one thing which i cant seem to get enough of . I have 3 hard disks of 80GB capacity (total 240GB)  in my computer but still i am running short of space every time . Most of the space are taken by Computer games , Music , Videos and some softwares . I guess the scene should be similar to majority of view .

Seagate has announced the availablity of its 1 TB hard disk for a wide range of consumer desktop PC applications .The new disk will use  4 discs to store 1 TB of data , claiming that it will provide cool temperatures and less power consumption which in turn will help extend the drive’s life . The new range will also feature RVFF (Rotation Vinration Feed Forward ) technology that has been designed to sustain performance in densly packed multi drive environment .  The hard disk will be shipped in the third quartre and will be available for around $400 .

How much Hard Disk are you using , do you find it sufficient . Share your views through comments .


  1. kanak says:

    hard disks of 1 TB space , gonna be damm bulky … I think you may be interested in 1TB disks. Check it here
    I think it will be launched soon.

  2. Nirmal says:

    Computer storage has been increasing everyday and its no surprise with the 1TB drive

  3. Shivaranjan says:

    I have lot of sotwares, music and videos. 🙂 Madhur why don’t you put comment subscription plugin so that I can track the comments in your site?

  4. @shivaranjan
    Thanks for reminding me man , i had the subscription plugin installed but forgot to upgrade it when i shifted to WP 2.1

  5. cYber$|x says:

    1 tera? IMG…..Really big..
    I guess i’ve to start downloading tv series, movies, mp3..
    We can keep everything without having to delete it for couple years…

  6. Vaibhav says:

    The 1TB hdd is already in the market by hitachi, but its not such a brand name. Its cost is also less and much more than that it comes with a life time warranty.

  7. ForumeR says:

    My seagate 160 GB just corrupted about 2 months ago. I was just bought it not reach one year yet, but my guarantee card was lost, so cannot change back.

    One tip for those who always on PC. Use Western Digital Hdisk, because it can stand heat, the hard disk cylinder resist heat. Other brands are not really resist heat better than Western Digital

    Best regards

  8. Sandeep Laik says:

    i guess i am lucky ,5-4 months earlier 1 of my senior returned from UK & guess what he came here with? yup a 1tb’s a little thick than 160 gb series Hdd but guys they.r true about the power management…i hav it along with a external case…

    cool gadget…cost $399.00 with taxes & additional charges extra..if it’s coming to india it’s cool coz probably i have to buy another 1…i’m 1/3 rd filled up now already…